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So whats the deal?

Firstly this special offer is open to Motorsport Organisations only. The aim is to provide a professional image at an affordable price to anybody who needs it. We also ask that we be allowed put an image of you or your team on our sponsorship page.

What's included?

  • A complete website consisting of homepage and three supporting pages

  • All file tranfer and upload requirements to setup site

  • Tech Support - we'll show you how to update your site

  • All Graphic Design and Preparation of Image Files

  • All Scrollers, Banners, etc if required

  • Addition of Web Hit counter

  • Setup of site on Free Web Host if required

How much will this cost?

All of the above for a one-time charge of EURO$250 payable when the design is complete

What other services does SWEENdesign offer?

SWEENdesign can offer other services including web-domain registration, web-hosting, web-sire maintenance, screen-saver design and more. Contact us for details

How do I sign up?

Just send us an email before December 31st with your details and we'll contact you to start the design process